BuyFin payment processing and consumer financing platform now available

(Photo: BuyMax)
(Photo: BuyMax)

BuyMax, a group purchasing organization that empowers the success of home service contractors, launched BuyFin, a platform that offers both payment processing solutions and consumer financing options to home service businesses.

BuyFin Payment Processing, which is offered in conjunction with third-party partners, helps you get paid faster by customers with competitive processing rates. BuyFin Consumer Financing, which is offered in conjunction with technology partners and financial institutions, helps contractors close more jobs while increasing average ticket size, according to the company.

“With BuyFin, we are excited to provide businesses with a seamless technology-driven approach to payment processing and consumer financing that provides quality products and services with speedy business approvals, white-glove support, informed decision-making, and increased customer approvals,” said Clare Perry, president of BuyMax. “BuyFin’s objective is to maximize competitive options for the customer and drive business growth for the business owner – creating a win-win satisfying experience for all.”

Features of BuyFin Payment Processing include:

  • Ability to easily collect payment from the field or the office.
  • Payment processing in the field with merchant terminals.
  • Soft credit pulls before contractors enter the home to deliver consumers pre-qualified offers.
  • First- and second-look consumer financing in one application.
  • Customizable financing programs.
  • Home improvement financing to qualified customers with mobile-friendly technology.
  • Approved financing can only be used at your business, ensuring customers book the job with your company.

“BuyFin is a modern, data-driven approach to consumer financing,” said Andy Waskey, vice president of payments. “We are a strategic partner in growth for our clients, optimizing the process with an automated solution made easy for the business users and their customers.”

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