Case launches mini excavator line, compact dozer loader

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Case Construction Equipment introduced its new DL450 compact dozer loader and a new line of mini excavators.

DL450 compact dozer

DL450 compact dozer

DL450 compact dozer

The DL450 compact dozer loader combines the characteristics of a compact track loader (CTL) with a crawler dozer.

“In 1957, we changed the industry with the introduction of the first-ever fully integrated backhoe loader,” said Scott Harris, vice president, North America, Case Construction Equipment. “The DL450 compact dozer loader represents that same forward-thinking and practical innovation, but in an exciting new platform that provides a real benefit to contractors–from landscapers looking to step up their grading and earthmoving game, to residential and commercial contractors looking for versatility and dual-function in a single footprint.”

The core feature of the DL450 is a C-Frame dozer interface that pins directly into the chassis of the machine, providing the stability and smooth operating plane of a CTL, and ensures that all operating power and stresses are channeled through the machine’s chassis and not its loader arms, the company said.

The C-Frame can then be unpinned from the chassis and disconnected like any other attachment, allowing the machine to perform like a standard CTL.

“The problem with dozer attachments common with CTLs and skid-steers–while effective in specific operations–is that they channel all operating stress through the coupler and the loader arms, and are really only suitable for groundline work,” said John Dotto, brand marketing manager, Case Construction Equipment. “This affects performance and adds wear/stress to those components. The operator gets true dozing performance with this machine–no arm float, a consistent plane and true 6-way blade performance through the machine’s new controls.”

The cab and controls inside of the machine will feel familiar both to operators of CTLs/skid steers and dozers. Similar to ISO controls, forward and reverse travel, and steering is controlled with the left hand on this machine, while boom and bucket controls are manipulated with the right. Those same controls in the right hand control the lift, angle and tilt of the 6-way blade.

A counterweight has been added to the machine, and the undercarriage includes steel tracks and grousers, a fifth roller for better traction (compared to the standard four on a CTL)

A launch date for the machine has not been confirmed.

Mini excavators

CX60C mini excavator.

CX60C mini excavator.

The additions to Case Construction’s lineup of mini excavators include the CX17C, CX26C, CX33C, CX37C, CX57C and CX60C.

The new machines feature a zero tail swing, short-radius or conventional design, adjustable boom offset for improved maneuverability and an auto-shift travel system for operator convenience.

Additionally, an auxiliary hydraulic system with standard proportional controls, shut-off valve and easy-to-select joystick control patterns offer increased productivity.

Model specs are as follows:
• CX17C: 16.8 horsepower; 3,910 pounds; bucket digging force: 3,490 foot pounds;
• CX26C: 24.8 horsepower; 5,520 pounds; bucket digging force: 4,740 foot pounds;
• CX33C: 24.4 horsepower; 7,110 pounds; bucket digging force: 6,900 foot pounds;
• CX37C: 24.4 horsepower; 7,990 pounds; bucket digging force: 4,470 foot pounds;
• CX57C: 66.9 horsepower; 12,050 pounds; bucket digging force: 9,550 foot pounds and
• CX60C: 64.7 horsepower; 12,940 pounds; bucket digging force: 9,190 foot pounds.

All models feature easy-to-open panels for easy maintenance/repair, as well as grouped ground-level service checkpoints for easy and convenient daily maintenance. The C Series mini excavators also feature spacious, wide-opening compartments for excellent access to the engine, control valves and radiator.

Photos: Case Construction Equipment


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