Cat rolls out new mini hydraulic excavator

April 5, 2016 -  By

C10876193Cat released the 304.5E2 XTC mini hydraulic excavator, the first model in the Xtra Tool Carrier (XTC) lineup.

Built on the E2 platform, the machine includes a skid-steer coupler interface. This manual coupler allows for use of compact loader tools including: general purpose bucket, multi-purpose bucket, forks, dozer blade, brooms, power box rakes and trenchers.

Due to the addition of the compact loader coupler interface, multiple applications may be achieved at a single job site with a single machine, the company said.

The 304.5E2 XTC features automatic two-speed, 100 percent pilot controls, enhanced bucket rotation and blade float.

All operator stations are ROPS certified, and the Cat interlock system, which prevents hydraulic movement when the safety bar is raised, adds further to operational safety, as do the automatic swing brake, retractable seatbelt and travel alarm. In addition, the Compass monitor includes a pass code protected security system, adjustable auxiliary flow control and site reference system. There is also a rearview camera option.

Additionally, a mechanical or hydraulic quick coupler for the excavator front linkage is available for accommodating work tools such as augers and hydraulic hammers, and a thumb-ready stick is standard.

Photo: Cat

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