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A Look Back

A Look Back: The more things change, the more they stay the same

March 23, 2022By

This October 1962 article from Weeds and Turf highlights the keys to an economical spray operation. read more

A look back: Labor shortage, nothing new

October 14, 2021By
Art: LM Archives

Landscape company operators have struggled to find qualified workers since the industry began, as evidenced by this story from 1989. read more

Readers share reasons to or not to participate in EOPs

September 13, 2021By
(Art: LM archives)

A look at our 2014 early order program (EOP) survey shows the motivation, or the lack thereof, to participate remains largely unchanged. read more

A look back: What to ask before adding technology

August 4, 2021By
(Photo: Landscape Management archives)

In the August 2000 issue, Landscape Management covered how mobile technology helps landscapers do their jobs faster and quicker. read more

A Look Back: Design software has come a long way

June 17, 2021By
July 1994 article (Photo: LM archives)

Take a look at this blast from the the past and how computer-aided design programs transformed the landscape design process. read more

A Look Back: Leading the landscape

March 12, 2021By
Graphic: LM Staff

A look back at 1986 when Weeds, Trees & Turf ( the former name of LM) conducted its first survey of the top 50 landscaping companies in the country. read more