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Business Planner 2013

How to avoid customer service problems

October 24, 2012By

In 2006, I learned a valuable lesson about customer service. My company had recently completed a beautiful project for a wonderful client who happened to be a 9/11 widow. She was quite pleased with her new backyard patio and waterfall until she was hit with a flood that washed through her yard, overwhelmed the development’s storm drains and flooded her... read more

How to become certified

October 24, 2012By

I’ve been involved in certification for several years as a candidate, certified individual and volunteer. My motto is “I’m certifiable, and so are you.” If I grabbed your attention, my mission is partially accomplished. Getting your attention is important, but encouraging you to act is essential. My sole purpose is to convince you to become Landscape Industry Certified. My story... read more

How to engage clients with social media

October 24, 2012By

What’s the most valuable yet underutilized resource in your business? For most small businesses, it’s customers. One of the web’s principles is to serve consumers first and businesses second. So, as customers move online in greater numbers, their collective voice will become stronger, thereby creating disruption in every business sector, including the Green Industry. This is why it’s essential for... read more

How to be a woman in a male dominated industry

October 24, 2012By

Landscape Management asked me to write about my experience as a woman doing business in the landscaping industry. You know the drill: Write about how the industry held me back, how men treated me unfairly, how I never could catch a break and throw in a few of those big words I can hardly spell, such as bigotry, prejudice, chauvinism... read more

How to prepare your business for sale

October 23, 2012By

Preparing a business for sale usually isn’t one of a landscape contractor’s highest priorities for two reasons: A Green Industry business owner usually doesn’t start his business with the goal of selling it, and the complications of a daily business operation often keep business owners from planning for the future effectively. Nevertheless, business owners have to confront the reality of... read more

How to establish business systems

October 23, 2012By

As business owners or managers, we’ve spent years trying to implement the secret of success by attending seminars, reading books and magazines, and listening to CDs about business systems and standards. When we’re done with those things, we return to our businesses and are swamped by real life events that pose everyday challenges, and we never get to implement the... read more