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Communication Coach: Don’t overlook the value of relationship selling

February 6, 2023By
(Photo: gustavofrazao / iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Jeff Korhan shares how one interaction with a former client changed his perspective on selling services and what you can learn from his mistake. read more

Our advisory board members share their key tip to promote growth this year

February 6, 2023By
Editorial Advisory Board graphic (Graphic: LM Staff)

Several industry experts share their thoughts on one key thing that readers should do now in order to grow their businesses this year. read more

Business Insider: 10 ways to build a stronger, better company

February 1, 2023By
(Photo: oatawa/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

Jeffrey Scott shares 10 inspiring steps that you can use to build a stronger and better operation that will allow your business to grow as a result. read more

Grow with Grunder: Nearly 40 years in, we focus on these 4 areas

January 25, 2023By

With nearly 40 years in the business, Marty Grunder shares the most important lessons he's learned and how he applies those lessons in his own operation. read more

What Southwest’s recent issues teaches us about building a good communication plan

January 16, 2023By
(Photo: Credit: olm26250 / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images)

Jeff Korhan shares what green industry operations can learn from the communication failures of Southwest Airlines and how to build proper response plans. read more

Our advisory board members share tips to prepare for potential economic uncertainty in 2023

December 21, 2022By
Editorial Advisory Board graphic (Graphic: LM Staff)

Members of LM's EAB board share some ways that contractors can prepare for 2023 and the potential economic uncertainty that could be on its way. read more