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The LM crew takes on GIE+EXPO

November 15, 2019By

A wave of panic came over me as I stood in the LM booth at GIE+EXPO. Two guys I didn’t know were assembling camera equipment. The sales team members were divvying up print materials. My editorial team was comparing notes as to who had what meeting. I did a count. There were 16 people wearing Landscape Management shirts. I suddenly... read more

Water less, do more

November 15, 2019By
Irrigation (Photo: Gachina Landscape Management)

Irrigation technology is turning the tides on excessive water use while still providing results. Irrigation experts explain why. read more

Customer Relationships: Community first

November 11, 2019By
Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services cares not only about its clients but also about the wider community. (Photo: Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services)

There are so many ways Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services puts an emphasis on customer relations that at first Terry Nicholson wasn’t quite sure where to begin. But as the company’s vice president got to talking, it became clear just how much the Markham, Ontario-based company values not only its clients, but its entire community and the role Clintar plays in... read more

Diversity: Creating company culture that fosters diversity

October 22, 2019By
Fostering diversity in the workplace depends on building a strong culture of inclusion. (Photo: Sean Rayford)

Whether a business with a large Latino workforce succeeds or fails usually comes down to one thing: culture, says Pam Berrios, president of Alexandria Landscapes in Alexandria, Va. Berrios, past president of the board of directors for the National Hispanic Landscape Alliance, also operates her own training and consulting company where she sees firsthand when diversity within a workplace is... read more

Diversity: Getting involved in the industry cultivates diversity

October 22, 2019By
(Photo: Ed Wallace)

Ed Wallace, owner of Midwest Landscaping in Long Beach, Calif., is active within associations representing the landscape industry. He was the first African American president of the Orange County chapter of the California Landscape Contractors Association. He’s proud of the diversity within his own chapter, noting that diversity ripples out into the association at the state level. “Gaining and retaining... read more

Diversity: Look beyond H-2B to solve staffing issues

October 22, 2019By

Maurice Dowell, co-owner of Dowco Enterprises, in St. Louis, Mo., says the cost of H-2B labor has started to get him to rethink his approach to staffing. “We’re blessed to have a facility almost adjacent to our clientele,” he says. “The problem is it’s not adjacent to the talent that we need to build our clientele.” H-2B labor isn’t cheap,... read more