Editor’s Note

The LM crew takes on GIE+EXPO

November 15, 2019By

A wave of panic came over me as I stood in the LM booth at GIE+EXPO. Two guys I didn’t know were assembling camera equipment. The sales team members were divvying up print materials. My editorial team was comparing notes as to who had what meeting. I did a count. There were 16 people wearing Landscape Management shirts. I suddenly... read more

Seth’s Cut: Wisdom from home plate at Fenway

October 9, 2019By

My travels recently took me to the Northeast. Now I can say I’ve visited New Hampshire and Maine and cross two more states off my list. The fall foliage was beautiful, but the lobster roll is not something this Midwesterner will be trying ever again. I flew home out of Boston. With a little time to spare, I reached out... read more

Editor’s note: Collecting quotes from recent travels

September 18, 2019By

Landscape Management's Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones share some quotes and sound bites from his recent travels and interviews. read more

Editor’s note: Great evidence

August 16, 2019By

Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones discusses how cameras today have changed the way we do our job and how photography can be a great sales tool. read more

Editor’s note: Strength in numbers

July 23, 2019By

I’m back in the office after a crazy month of travel. June took me all over the country (and briefly into Canada and within eyeshot of Mexico), but happily the month ended with a weeklong family vacation to South Padre Island, Texas. My last trip before vacation to Sunburn City was to the 67th Outdoor Power Equipment Institute annual meeting... read more

Editor’s note: Landscaper by trade, educator by heart

June 26, 2019By

Editor-in-Chief Seth Jones shares how Clark Tomlinson of Tomlinson Bomberger is still an educator. read more