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Growing Your Business with Jeffrey Scott

Video: Right people, right positions

January 2, 2015By

Your success is based on putting the right people in the right positions, supported by the right processes, says Jeffrey Scott. Watch to learn the six steps to having a successful year for your company. read more

Video: The Post-it note strategy

December 8, 2014By

Your company’s annual goals should be so succinct they fit on a Post-it note, says Jeffrey Scott. Watch the video to learn the difference between goals and strategies and to find out how to assure your company achieves its strategy this coming year. read more

Video: How often should you raise prices?

October 21, 2014By

Jeffrey Scott draws on a discussion he had with a group of contractors regarding raising prices to come to the conclusion that “the lesson you should take is raise your prices every year a little bit.” Press play for more pointers. read more

Video: Ramp up referrals with the 3 Ps

October 3, 2014By

  Referrals are both the fruit of your success, and the magic ingredient for future growth. The recipe for “ramping up your referrals” requires three ingredients, all added in consistent high amounts. Use this video to educate your team on how to expand your business and profit through managing your product, process and people relationships.   read more

Video: 10 roles of the (successful) CEO

September 12, 2014By

Entrepreneurs must make the transition from working in the business to working on the business. Here are the 10 roles that a successful CEO must play in his or her business to propel its growth. read more

Video: Inspire your staff without demotivating them

August 15, 2014By

You can inspire your staff, but you can’t motivate them. Learn what to do and what not to do, to get the most out of your employees. The only thing worse than unmotivated employees, is an uninspiring boss. Watch this video to learn how you can clear out the clutter that can demotivate your employees. read more