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SafetyWatch: Adopt a checklist for safety training

November 14, 2019By
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A few reasons to adopt a standard checklist for safety training As the year is winding down, it’s a good time to reevaluate how your company keeps track of its safety training. Training checklists can be a supervisor’s best friend. This is where knowledge moves from theory to practice under the guidance of management. The nice thing about checklists is... read more

Top uses for small walk-behind mowers

November 14, 2019By
Toro mower (Photo: Toro)

When determining what type of mower to use, it’s important to first look at the site, says Paul Fraynd, CEO of Sun Valley Landscaping in Omaha, Neb. Often, small, tight areas such as parking lot islands, fenced-in backyards, hillsides and spaces with a lot of obstacles call for smaller mowers. Sun Valley Landscaping uses 21- and 30-inch mowers for many... read more

Customer Relationships: Community first

November 11, 2019By
Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services cares not only about its clients but also about the wider community. (Photo: Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services)

There are so many ways Clintar Commercial Outdoor Services puts an emphasis on customer relations that at first Terry Nicholson wasn’t quite sure where to begin. But as the company’s vice president got to talking, it became clear just how much the Markham, Ontario-based company values not only its clients, but its entire community and the role Clintar plays in... read more

Best practices for irrigation shutdowns

November 5, 2019By
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As temperatures begin to drop across the country, contractors are gearing up for another season of irrigation shutdowns. Systems need to be winterized before overnight temps hit freezing and damage may occur. From large commercial properties to residential customers, now is the time for contractors to start planning for and implementing their irrigation shutdown services. Here’s a timeline, the tools... read more

Hardscape Solutions: Workin’ in a winter wonderland

November 1, 2019By
Hardscape project (Photo: Susan Teare)

Location: Colchester, Vt. Company: Di Stefano Landscaping Di Stefano Landscaping landed a project at a private residence on Lake Champlain when the home’s buyers asked for a landscape professional who could help them reenvision the outdoor space. “The builder had done a nice job with the building but kind of stopped there,” says Chris Di Stefano, president of Di Stefano... read more

Five-star service: an overlooked differentiator

October 22, 2019By

In this go-go economy, many business owners today struggle to provide excellent customer service. Their service is inconsistent and reactionary, and it will ultimately harm their business. The root of the problem is the false belief that excellent service is a luxury they can sacrifice: choosing short-term profit over sustainable growth. The next recession will remind everyone of the enormity... read more