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If you don’t know…

January 9, 2015By

If you were asked to come up with a list of the top 10 reasons excellent employees should want to work for you, could you do it? Would the first five reasons come easily and then you’d have to dig a little, or are all 10 self-evident? I’ve found most business owners and managers can come up with a list... read more

Masters of efficiency

January 9, 2015By
Photo: Scott Foreman, Cultivator Content Labs

Three companies optimize their operations with simple steps and extensive measures. Driving efficiency Oasis Turf & Tree, Cincinnati, Ohio 2014 revenue: $3.2 million (+22% over 2013) Efficiency cred: Three or four technicians will produce more than $300,000 in revenue this year (working nine months). At Oasis Turf & Tree in Cincinnati most of the company’s efficiency measures are found on... read more

Navigating propane conversions

January 9, 2015By

Your ears are perked to a propane conversion, so now what? Refer to this walk-through on how to go about transitioning your fleet. Propane points of view “Ultimately, the decision to convert comes down to the willingness of the operator to try something other than the status quo, but it’s hard to ignore an opportunity that can lower fuel costs... read more

Tier 4: What you need to know

January 9, 2015By
Photo: Caterpillar

A comprehensive look at the Tier 4 standards and how they affect landscape equipment owners and operators. You purchase a piece of compact construction equipment, one manufactured after 2008. Seated in the cab for the first time, you can have piece of mind knowing that officials say it ultimately plays into the prevention of 12,000 premature deaths, 8,900 hospitalization and... read more

Money in mosquitoes

January 9, 2015By
MOSQUITO JOE/ Southern Lawn & Pest

Adding a mosquito-control service proves to be a business booster for Memphis, Tenn.-based Southern Lawn & Pest. The Great Recession nearly brought Steve Clark’s lawn mowers to a halt. At the time, he owned a Memphis, Tenn., commercial lawn maintenance business called Southern Lawn Care. The business, which he started in 2005, grew quickly. But by 2010 revenue had dwindled.... read more

On the water front

January 9, 2015By
Photo: Irrigation Association

Michael Dukes, Ph.D., P.E., CID, is an irrigation specialist and professor in the University of Florida’s Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department. He’s also director of the Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology, which strives to protect Florida’s natural resources through responsible landscape management. Widely published, Dukes’ research centers on water management and quality. In October, Dukes’ efforts to create efficient... read more