5 fleet expenses—and how to manage them

January 29, 2018By
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A landscape or irrigation contractors’ annual fleet management expenses are as much about the management as they are about the fleet, says Enterprise Fleet Management’s Don Duckworth, who provides customized fleet recommendations for businesses on the west coast of Florida. Presenting at the 2017 Irrigation Show Education Conference in Orlando in November, Duckworth shared his practical tips for fleet management... read more

SafetyWatch: Setting targets

January 26, 2018By

Setting expectations is an important process for a safe and efficient job site. Once you have your goals established, share them with your crew. Make sure everybody knows what’s expected of the crew and of each team member. Get everyone thinking about this target. Aim high—people get more work done when they have a goal. Reassess and comment to your... read more

Seeding the future

January 26, 2018By

One of Bruce Allentuck’s missions since starting his business has been to get people outside more. It’s what has kept him so passionate about the green industry, and it’s what drives his landscape designs at Allentuck Landscaping, Co., in Clarksburg, Md. It’s also what inspired an idea to work with kids—because, as Allentuck puts it, “What better place to start... read more

Get started with Google Ads, part 2

January 22, 2018By

In the past year, Google has changed the format of the ads it shows to make them look more like the organic listings that appear below them. The company has done so because searchers are 60 percent more likely to click on the organic listings rather than a paid ad. However, this percentage can be misleading, and a well-written ad... read more

ABCs of hire tough, manage easy

January 22, 2018By

Managers who hire tough know exactly who they’re looking for and refuse to lower their standards. They cover all the bases—from A to Z—and create a win/win situation for the new hire and employer alike. Here’s what they do. Attitude. Hire for attitude, train for skills. The main reason clients leave is an indifferent attitude on the part of an... read more

Geared up for growth

January 22, 2018By
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Entrepreneur, coach, author and speaker Andy Bailey kicked off his keynote session at the LM Growth Summit with a quote credited to legendary NFL coach Tom Landry: “A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so that you may become what you have always known... read more