February 2016

What insecticide do you prefer and why?

March 7, 2016By
LCOs determine their insecticide choice based on target pests and other factors.

Chip Soltesz President, Dyna-Green Mentor, Ohio “Merit is still our grub control of choice. Talstar or other generic bifenthrin products are the insecticide we use for both surface-feeding insects as well as our tree and shrub and perimeter pest treatments. It is low odor and has a wide spectrum label. It also has been very dependable with very few failures. Jim... read more

Step By Step: How to design a container

March 4, 2016By

A basic container design should include a “thriller,” a “spiller” and a “filler”—a combination of an upright plant, a trailer that spills down the sides of a pot and a filler to add fullness and color. Incorporating seasonal plants can keep clients’ containers looking lively year-round, and combining three or more containers of varying sizes and styles can make an... read more

Efficiency Tip: Save time with automatic renewals

March 2, 2016By
Photo: ©istock.com/Gajus

At NJ Best Lawn & Sprinkler, putting renewals on autopilot has been a time-saving move. Since 2010 the Lakewood, N.J.-based company has automatically renewed the contracts for and charged the credit cards of clients receiving recurring residential lawn maintenance, lawn care, irrigation and snow removal services. “It’s like a gym membership,” says General Manager David Hartzell. “On the contract, it... read more

Using autonomous & robotic mowers to solve the labor crisis

February 29, 2016By
The Toro Co., ©istock.com/Stockphoto24

The landscape industry isn’t alone in its labor woes; golf course superintendents fight to find good people, too. So in the midst of a worker shortage, Santaluz Club Superintendent Jeff Miller decided to hire a robot for his operation in San Diego. Last year, Cub Cadet released the RG3 robotic greensmower after its parent company acquired Precise Path Robotics in... read more

Big Picture: Spatial Awareness

February 26, 2016By

LOCATION: Fairfield County, Conn. COMPANY: The LaurelRock Co., Wilton, Conn. THE DETAILS: The client, an interior designer, asked for a stem-to-stern redesign of her property. Her goals were to create a modern sensibility with a sequence of garden spaces, and to resolve long-standing concerns like a lack of privacy, drainage/grading issues and a steep front walkway. One point of interest is... read more

Roomba’s quest for the lawn

February 24, 2016By
photo: Husqvarna

For a decade, companies like John Deere and Husqvarna have made robotic mowers that function similar to a Roomba vacuum. In fact, iRobot, the company behind the Roomba vacuums, recently settled a dispute over radio frequencies with the Federal Communications Commission and will produce its own brand of robotic mowers. Similar products are already on the market, like Husqvarna’s Automower... read more