February 2018

Preferred prenotification methods

March 14, 2018By
Photo: Senske Services

Three lawn care operators share their preferred methods for automated prenotifications. In the late 1990s, Jim Zylstra received an automated call from his dentist reminding him of an upcoming appointment. The owner of Tuff Turf Molebusters in Byron Center, Mich., was so impressed by this service that he quickly began researching how to incorporate it into his own business. “The... read more

Proper safety protocols around trenches

March 9, 2018By
A checklist for safety protocol around trenches. Photo: iStock.com/alisbalb

Using proper safety protocols around trenches is literally a life-and-death matter. Read on to ensure you’re following the guidelines. Last month, New Jersey landscape company officials pleaded guilty to criminal charges of failing to properly shore up a trench that caved in, suffocating two laborers. The charges against the company and two individuals are punishable upon conviction by up to... read more

SafetyWatch: Using the rolling stop

March 5, 2018By
Photo: Greenius

To plow more effectively, consider using the rolling stop technique. The rolling stop is a great way to preserve your tractor’s brakes and pile snow. The technique is to take your foot off the accelerator as you approach the snow pile and glide into it. As you ease into the pile, raise the plow. The combination of drifting in and... read more

SafetyWatch in Spanish (using the rolling stop)

March 2, 2018By

The following is a Spanish version of SafetyWatch for the February 2018 issue of Landscape Management. It discusses how to use the rolling stop when plowing. Click here for the original SafetyWatch in English or see page 18 of the magazine. Evitar detener el tractor completamente cuando remueves la nieve Una técnica clave a considerar cuando se remueve la nieve es no detener... read more

Step by Step: How to evaluate a new franchise opportunity

March 2, 2018By
illustrations: David Preiss

Investing in a franchise is an important decision that requires in-depth research and reliable information. While it’s not always easy to evaluate newer franchise opportunities, there are ways to get the information you need to make an educated decision on whether to move forward. Usually, the most valuable thing an entrepreneur can do is interview and visit franchisees. In the... read more

Connecting with the latest in controller tech

February 28, 2018By
Photo: SiteOne Landscape Supply

Today’s irrigation controllers are driven by data and technology. Contractors who embrace these advancements are seeing the benefits. Technology has infiltrated every aspect of modern life, and the irrigation controller is no exception. The devices are more connected and data-driven than ever before, and contractors who are embracing the trends are seeing the advantages these advancements can bring. “We are... read more