March 2016

Letter to the Editor: A better way to install annuals

April 11, 2016By

I just was reading the recent LM (March 2016) and saw the article on “How to quickly install annuals.” Having been involved with flower installation for over 30 years and over 23 years with Brickman (now BrightView), other than clearing the old mulch off the bed, the rest is a process that I have never seen done, would be extremely... read more

Labor Strategy: Recruiting, Retaining great employees

April 6, 2016By

Retain ’em with tech Austin, Texas, is known as a tech hub—and that fact isn’t lost on Ben Collinsworth, CEO of Native Land Design, based there. When it comes to foremen, account managers and other management roles, Collinsworth focuses on not hiring just anyone but hiring the best. He has an excellent pool of candidates for manager positions, thanks to... read more

Big Picture: Born on the Bayou

April 4, 2016By
Photos: McDugald-Steele Landscape Architects and Contractors

Location: Houston Company: McDugald-Steele The Details: The client’s objective was to integrate a new residence and landscaping into a natural, mostly undisturbed 7.5-acre site. Construction was staged over more than five years in five distinct phases. This approach allowed the project to proceed in small working “envelopes” that reduced the impact of construction on the property. The site naturally drained toward... read more

Using subcontracting to find success

April 1, 2016By

Anne Phillips is proud of her maintenance crew. They’re unmatched by her competitors, attests the owner of Go Green Gardeners, a design/build and maintenance firm in Van Nuys, Calif. “They seem to really care about what they do,” she says. “I don’t have to worry about whether or not they really are where they say they are going to be... read more

Let’s Grow: It’s time to say yes

March 30, 2016By

Imagine you could say yes to every single request your clients make, no matter the request! How would it make your clients feel? And how would it make you feel? The attitude of “just say yes” is how we grew our business from a one-product company—just swimming pools, no decks, no landscaping and no service—into a multidivisional landscaping enterprise serving... read more

Case Study: Motivational monday

March 28, 2016By

What started as an email to a small group has grown into a nearly decade-long commitment. When Mark Svozil was promoted in 2007 from branch manager to regional manager for Davey Tree Expert Co. in Kent, Ohio, he sought a way to maintain connections with his former co-workers and clients. As a fan of motivational books, he came up with... read more