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Lawn Care Market Report

April 19, 2013By

Lawn care—the segment of the Green Industry in which professionals apply fertilizer, pesticides and/or use cultural methods to improve and maintain turf—remains one of the most profitable yet competitive parts of the market. There are many regional players competing with a few large, national companies and franchises—in addition to the full-service or landscape maintenance companies that do application work for... read more

Share of wallet

April 19, 2013By

Lawn care companies are adding services when looking to grow. Though fertilization and weed control have long been the mainstays for traditional lawn care companies, other services are prevailing as ways to increase customers’ total spending levels or reach new clients. When it comes to the service that will grow the most in 2013, lawn care operators (LCOs) expect it... read more

The power of youth

April 19, 2013By

Every Thursday at 1 p.m. Professor McCafferty sat in her office, gazing out the window. She wasn’t daydreaming. She was waiting for me. But I’d just pulled an all-nighter at the college newspaper. While Professor McCafferty was waiting for me in her office, I was halfway across campus, oversleeping my independent study in fiction writing. Today, I’m feeling much more... read more

Art of simplicity

April 19, 2013By

With a husband who’s an Army sergeant, I’ve grown accustomed to military slang and acronym-speak. In our house we eat chow (food). We spell things in the phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie…). We inquire about ETAs (estimated times of arrival), we rack out (go to sleep) and things don’t get misplaced—they’re MIA (missing in action). Turns out, many military terms... read more

The old college try

April 17, 2013By

There’s a lot to be learned from student business owners who have found success. Wesley Chiles was young enough to have a lemonade stand. After all, he was 10 years old making $35 in cash mowing a neighbor’s yard. At age 12, he got his first riding mower. He was too young to drive a car, yet he suddenly found... read more

April 2013 Web Extra: 6 lessons from the social marketing trenches

April 14, 2013By

There is a big difference between saying you are an entrepreneur and being one. When I was busy planning my landscape business I read a story about Jim Koch, the founder of The Boston Beer Co. and brewer of Samuel Adams beer. He too was stuck in the planning stages of his entrepreneurial venture until his father pointed out one... read more