Paver products: Which do you prefer and why?

April 17, 2015By
Photo: Pine Hall Brick

Sam Duff President, Timberwood Landscape Co. Dublin, Ohio “Unilock is my preference for the wide range of pavers, and the accents are second to none. Their territory managers are extremely helpful, always available and provide amazing sales support. I have to say that in terms of quality products and working relationship, there is no other manufacturer that even comes close.” Zac... read more

Leveling the playing field

April 16, 2015By

Manufacturers explain why nongas handheld equipment is nearer than ever to the performance of gas-powered competitors. Josh Flowers’ first few years of heading up Eco-Lectric Landscape Maintenance, located in Bradenton, Fla., were less than ideal. He was using consumer-quality handheld products to serve a 90 percent residential client base. “It was horrible,” he recalls. The power and necessary runtime just... read more

Big Picture: Garden oasis

April 15, 2015By

  LOCATION: Washington, D.C. COMPANY: Botanical Decorators, Olney, Md.  THE DETAILS: The clients wanted a modern garden to serve as the main entrance to their newly renovated townhouse. The space needed to accommodate the needs of three dogs, two cats and two urban professionals amid satisfying the uses of dining, cooking, entertaining and gardening. Botanical Decorators installed artificial turf for... read more

Keeping water on budget

April 14, 2015By
Photo: ©istock.com/denisenko

With water budgets, contractors can demonstrate and document good water stewardship. When it comes to sustainability, few people are under more pressure than irrigation contractors. With droughts drying up entire regions throughout the U.S., municipalities are mandating that property owners significantly reduce their water usage—or even stop irrigating their landscapes altogether. Coming up with those savings often falls on contractors’... read more

Web Extra: Strathmore’s zero-emission crews in motion

April 7, 2015By

Featured in “Leveling the playing field,” Montreal-based Strathmore Landscape added two zero-emission teams to its maintenance division in 2011 to satisfy more environmentally conscious customers looking to become LEED certified. The two-man crews drive electric trucks equipped with all nongas handheld products and electric mowers. “We’re in Canada, so the environmental push is a bit stronger than in the states,” Vice... read more

Moving mountains: A compelling company vision

April 1, 2015By

How a compelling company vision can help you attract the best team and achieve your goals. Attracting, motivating, focusing and retaining great employees starts and ends with a compelling vision. To attract the very best team, you must create a compelling vision for the future, and to retain top talent you must develop a method and habit for communicating your... read more