Editor’s Note: What’s in it for them?

April 12, 2018By

No matter what you call it, a companywide effort to run more efficiently has the potential to sound negative to the crews you’re hoping to encourage. Depending on how you deliver it, “work smarter,” “run lean” or “improve productivity” could sound like “move faster,” “work harder” or “you’re doing it wrong.” If that’s how your team members hear your message... read more

SafetyWatch: Handling spills

April 12, 2018By

Implement a spill response plan to ensure that your company is handling hazardous materials safely. Make sure your company uses approved and appropriate containers for all substances. Where necessary, make sure formal labels and identifications are included for dangerous goods. Refer to Hazardous Material Data Sheets for specific information on handling toxic substances. When transporting substances that represent a spill... read more

Efficiency Tip: Feed the roots

April 12, 2018By
roots. Photo: iStock.com/MARIOS07

When Peter Stewart, horticulturist and designer, joined Envisioning Green last year, he was the firm’s first “plant guy.” At the time, plant replacement costs were a concern for the Caseyville, Ill.-based company. It warranties plants for a year after installation. Drawing on his education in botany, Stewart evaluated the problem and enlisted the help of mycorrhizal fungi to help feed... read more

Editorial Advisory Board: April 2018

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In what one area could most landscape companies be more efficient? Landscape Professionals Richard Bare Arbor-Nomics Turf Norcross, Ga. “Have someone look into the back office to see if dollars are being wasted. Credit card rates, processing fees, insurance costs, accounting fees—stuff like that. We no longer take Am Ex (a $20,000 per year savings), we cut our credit card... read more

Hot spots: States regulations to keep an eye on

April 12, 2018By

It’s the first time in 35 years that lawn care industry veteran Bob Mann hasn’t kicked off spring by pushing a fertilizer spreader. In his relatively new role as director of state and local government relations for the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), he’s been spending his time at local and state legislature meetings to advocate for the industry,... read more

Pros share what aftermarket add-ons have the most bang for the buck

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Velke attachment. Photo: Zeppa’s Landscaping Service

Two years ago, Andre Zeppa tested chute blockers for his mowers and was blown away by the results. Each of his crews were saving five to 10 hours per week by not having to blow grass clippings out of beds and off driveways. Zeppa now has more than a dozen mowers equipped with GrassFlap chute blockers, and he says they... read more