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Day of Service: X marks the spot

May 1, 2010By

Nobody knows the exact age of an ancient and mysterious Native American mound located at the summit of a wooded ridgeline in central Ohio. Most experts believe it was constructed about the time of the birth of Jesus. The X-shaped mound, whose circumference approximates the size of a Little League infield, is the attraction at Cross Mound Park on the... read more

Day of Service: Landscapers lend communities time, talents

May 1, 2010By

By: Nicole Wisniewski Sure, discounts and add-ons can get customers in the door. But a growing number of clients aren’t basing their purchasing decisions solely on service and price anymore. A business’ social consciousness and community involvement also can turn customer heads. Every day, more companies are watching their employees sign up early when the list goes up for blood... read more

Victims of our own promises?

May 1, 2010By

It’s mid-spring, and many of us are putting in 50 or more hours a week to meet property owners’ expectations. What level of expectations are we establishing with customers, especially in regard to landscape services? Are we promising perfection or near perfection? It seems many of us are, and, thanks to the knowledge we’ve gained about landscape care and to... read more

California Spring Trials wrap-up

May 1, 2010By

The California Spring Trials showed off up-and-coming varieties and plant trends. From Gilroy to Encinitas and all the stops in between, the new and yet-to-be-released cultivars were on display for a week in April during the 2010 California Spring Trials. Growers, retailers and landscapers who want to know what’s new and what’s next attend the annual event. This year’s displays... read more