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Going organic

May 28, 2013By

Several lawn care pros using organic soil amendments say they’ll never go back to their old ways. At a time when organic lawn care products are gaining buzz in the Green Industry, one product in particular is making a strong push in the market. And the lawn care professionals using it say they’re seeing results. The product is called Holganix.... read more

Blade runners

May 28, 2013By

Handling mower blades with care preserves quality and productivity at Mainscape. At Mainscape’s Naples, Fla., branch, the staff handles mower blades with care to give its military, homeowner association and commercial clients the best quality of cut without any dreaded “streaking.” If quality is subpar and callbacks occur, Branch Manager Jim Spano cringes at the thought of lost time. “If... read more

Knowledge: your secret weapon

May 28, 2013By

If you’re like me, you get your fair share of industry news blasts, social media updates and business-in-general updates. But how many of you actually read them? The truth is, as much as we find the 24/7 news cycle overwhelming, deleting or dismissing updates just might be holding you back. Early in my career, Joe Marsh, one of my mentors... read more

One-stop shop

May 22, 2013By

A Florida outdoor living co-op presents opportunities and challenges. Some homeowners envision their backyard as a secluded paradise with a pool, patio and fire pit. Others seek a Zen experience with koi ponds and water gardens. Yet sometimes these dream backyards are beyond the capabilities of a single landscape designer or company. In November, a group of businesses opened a... read more

May Web Extra: 5 ways to improve your corporate impact

May 21, 2013By

Even companies that aren’t ready to make the full leap to being a Certified B Corporation have some options for incrementally improving their corporate social responsibility programs. The nonprofit B Lab, which administers the Certified B Corporation certifications, offers a few easy steps to get started: 1. Get a current benchmark and create an action plan. Take the B Impact... read more

B the change

May 20, 2013By
B the Change

Companies seek B Corporation status to emphasize stewardship of the community, environment and their employees. “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” –Gandhi Call it what you will: “Corporate social responsibility.” “The triple bottom line.” “Conscious capitalism.” Whatever your terminology, the movement of for-profit enterprises toward considering their impact on employees, the community and the... read more