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Habits of successful salesmen: How to be a grinder

May 5, 2014By

How do you sell more work? Relationships certainly help. Luck is a good thing, too. But it’s good habits consistently executed that create results. This is true of almost everything in life. Develop and practice good habits and good things usually follow—like great relationships and a fair bit of luck. The first habit of successful salesmen is to keep the... read more

New direction

May 5, 2014By

How landscape and lawn care pros use strategies from their first careers to improve their Green Industry operations. F or years, every Monday morning Bruce Ward boarded a plane from Columbus, Ohio, to Philadelphia to commute to his job as senior director of oncology sales for pharmaceutical company Cephalon. He’d fly home Thursday night either to Ohio or to an underused... read more

Snow, salt experts opine on the salt dilemma

May 5, 2014By

Salt suppliers, experts quell snow removal contractors’ concerns over what appeared to be a salt shortage this winter. Case Snow Management staff made a 16-hour round trip to Maine to pick up an order of rock salt this winter. All the while, there were piles upon piles of the deicer at the company’s local supplier, right down the road from... read more

How to use weather data for sales, renewals

May 5, 2014By

The snow business is full of unknowns. One of the biggest unknowns is, of course, the weather. But there is one aspect of the weather that’s 100 percent known: data for weather that has already occurred. Weather data are widely available for most communities in North America. It might require some digging to find, but with persistence you can track... read more

Keeping it fair: Irrigation service pricing

May 5, 2014By
headshot: Josh DePauw

A look at how companies approach irrigation service pricing—with a flat rate or charging on time and materials—and why they favor their method. If only irrigation professionals had X-ray vision. It would eliminate that part of the service call that takes an inestimable amount of time. The part when they must dig up the yard to locate the underground glitch... read more

Out with the old

May 5, 2014By

Thanks to a total revamp of his company’s marketing strategy, Rick Longnecker now knows his ideal clients are family-oriented homeowners in their late 30s to early 70s who have lived in their homes for at least 10 years. These clients aren’t looking for the best price but the best service and value they can get from trained professionals. Since uncovering... read more