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Download: String trimming hazards SafetyWatch

May 8, 2015By

Featured is a downloadable version of the May 2015 SafetyWatch on string trimming safety hazards. See how many safety hazards your employees can identify. Click here to identify the string trimming safety hazards. Click here to see the list of string trimming safety hazards. read more

Another type of ammo: Mastering the learning curve

May 8, 2015By

This is part three of LM‘s “Another type of ammo” Snow + Ice Guide. Read part one, “Fearless execution,” here, and read part two, “Inclined to think ahead,” here. Jim Hornung Jr. has had a seat in a snow plow truck since he was 4 years old. Now, as president of Elbers Landscape Service, Buffalo, N.Y., he’s in the driver’s... read more

Efficiency tip: Sleep tight

May 8, 2015By
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Leaders at Case Snow Management have peace of mind knowing their shoveling crews have access to a place to rest and recharge during long, cold shifts. A few years ago Case, a $28 million snow-only firm based in Attleboro Falls, Mass., began providing hotel rooms for laborers during weather events that net 8 inches to 10 inches of snow or... read more

Issue brief: Leaf blowers still under attack

May 8, 2015By

Clients demand neat and well-manicured landscapes, and leaf blowers are an important tool for landscape professionals. But they’re not always welcome by the neighbors. In Monterey County, Calif., a city commission recently raised concerns that leaf blowers are sources of air and noise pollution. The commission reacted sensibly by recommending education about best practices instead of enacting a citywide ban.... read more

Download: How to store pesticides

May 8, 2015By

Featured is a PDF version of the May 2015 Step by Step on “How to store pesticides” for use in company training efforts. Click here to download. read more

Mulching vs. collecting

May 8, 2015By
Graphic: LM Staff

Despite evidence that leaving lawn clippings is good for turf, landscape companies sometimes face the mulch-or-bag question. Walk through the options here. If you do collect… There are many benefits to leaving clippings on the lawn. For example, mulching returns essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, back to the soil, says Mark Schmidt, principal scientist for John Deere. But sometimes bagging... read more