May 2016

Snow service procurement best practices

May 23, 2016By
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One of the most difficult challenges for snow and ice management professionals is educating customers and prospective customers about the realities of the snow business. Far too many buyers of snow and ice management services make purchase decisions without understanding how to optimize their relationships with service providers. Because of this knowledge gap, they make poor and untimely contract award... read more

Product Focus: Postemergent Herbicides

May 20, 2016By

weedfree brand 
concentrate Civitas Recently approved in 
California, this hybrid selective herbicide is free of offensive odor. Its microtechnology delivery system penetrates most weeds, resulting in less active ingredients required to kill weeds down to the root, 
the company says. Tribute Total Bayer Tribute Total provides postemergent control of Poa annua, goosegrass, dallisgrass, Virginia buttonweed, doveweed and sedges, as well... read more

3 reasons to consider a satellite

May 20, 2016By
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 Companies embarking on their first expansion might want to consider a satellite over a branch location. Here we tell you why and explain both terms. If you’re confused by the differences between a branch and a satellite, you aren’t alone. “What I see happen a lot in the industry, companies call what are satellite yards, branches,” says Bruce Wilson, consultant... read more

Business Basics: Create a company box score

May 18, 2016By

With information coming at us from every direction, it’s difficult to digest it all and use it to grow our businesses. As the facilitator of several industry peer groups, I’ve noticed the same topic comes up repeatedly at our meetings: how to develop the most useful dashboard to run our companies. A dashboard organizes key business statistics into a summary... read more

Big Picture: Coastal living

May 16, 2016By
photo: Rosemary Fletcher Photography

Location: Marblehead Bay, Mass. Company: R.P. Marzilli & Co., Medway, Mass. The Details: The client wanted an outdoor living area that would maximize his property’s ocean view and accommodate his large, active family both day and night. The ledge throughout the construction area, coupled with the steep terrain and single access road, proved to be a challenge—particularly when trying to meet deadlines during... read more

GPS: Beyond maintenance

May 13, 2016By

Texas Turf Management invested in a GPS tracking system as a vehicle maintenance solution, but it got much more. The Problem: Nolan Butterfras, owner of Texas Turf Management in Houston, was tired of having to take his diesel trucks into the local lube shop for oil changes and routine maintenance. Remembering to check the little windshield sticker on the fleet... read more