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The new fertilizer fundamentals

May 24, 2017By
Photo: Koch Turf & Ornamental

LCOs are increasing productivity by changing the way they use fertilizers with enhanced efficiency and hybrid products. There’s always a better way to do something—even apply fertilizer. By embracing industry trends, some lawn care operators (LCOs) are saving time, money and manpower by changing the ways they use and purchase fertilizer. In particular, enhanced efficiency fertilizers and organic/synthetic hybrid products... read more

One company puts a new spin on safety training

May 22, 2017By
Photo: LandCare

LandCare’s Spring Safety & Equipment Rodeos kick off the season well. There are many ways to train your team—some more impactful than others. For LandCare, a Frederick, Md.-based national landscaping firm with 50 branches across 20 states, holding a Spring Safety & Equipment Rodeo at the start of the season has been an effective way to train employees on topics... read more

What to know before purchasing compact construction equipment

May 12, 2017By

Landscape contractors share their approaches to purchasing compact construction equipment and attachments. When a job calls for some heavy lifting or digging, it’s time to crank up the compact equipment and connect the attachments. But before landscape contractors can dig into their next projects, they’ve got to make sure they have the right machines for the job their companies’ needs.... read more

Wanted: Skilled irrigation technicians

May 12, 2017By
Photo: Irrigation Association

A lack of skilled technicians is taking its toll on the irrigation industry The struggle to find quality workers is hitting irrigation harder than almost anywhere in the green industry. Experts say companies are struggling to keep up with seasonal demands due to a significant shortage of skilled irrigation technicians. “Labor is available,” says Scott King, owner of Preferred Building... read more

Risk vs. reward

May 12, 2017By

Lawn Butler leverages its conservative, debt-free philosophy for steady growth. Zero-debt disciples say your home’s grass feels better under your feet once your mortgage is paid off. There is something to the emotional and psychological effects of having no debt—or in Seth Kehne’s case—running a debt-free company. You sleep easier at night. You make better long-term decisions. Essentially, you’re free.... read more

Estimated taxes: To pay or not to pay

May 12, 2017By
Photo: ©

Have you ever noticed line 79 on your individual income tax return (form 1040). It’s your estimated tax penalty. You paid your taxes and you may have even received a refund, so what gives? Per IRS rules, it’s not just enough to pay your taxes for the year. They must be paid at prescribed time intervals. The year is divided... read more