SafetyWatch: Transporting dangerous goods

May 22, 2018By

 Anyone who works with dangerous goods or hazardous materials should have transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) training, including employees in shipping, drivers, people who pack and unpack containers and managers who supervise them. There are right and wrong ways to work with dangerous goods. In fact, there may be laws and regulations that cover TDG, depending on where you... read more

Facing challenges in the irrigation industry

May 21, 2018By
home irrigation. Photo: iStock.com/bradwieland

The landscape industry faces its own water challenges, requiring unique solutions that are not always one-size-fits-all. In a recent Irrigation Association (IA) webinar titled “Landscape’s Water Challenges—Solutions from the Experts,” John Farner, IA government and public affairs director, and a panel of irrigation experts discussed some of the industry’s biggest current and future challenges. The panel included Brent Mecham, IA... read more

Bioretention opportunities

May 18, 2018By
Bioretention area. Photo: Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management

New regulations from the local sewer district on adding bioretention areas to make up for lost green space inspired Bluegrass Landscape & Snow Management, based in Bridgeton, Mo., to make the leap into the field. It’s been a big investment of both time and money to get into bioretention—but it’s been paying off. Chris Darnell, business development and marketing manager... read more

Safety 101

May 15, 2018By
The Belknap team. Photo: Katya Danilova, dorogamedia.com

“Coroner releases name of landscaper killed in lawn mower accident.” “Landscaping employee struck, killed while working.” “Worker flown to hospital with life-threatening injuries after chainsaw accident.” There are many reasons landscape companies should focus on creating a culture of safety. The headlines above are just three of them. If avoiding one of those incidents isn’t enough to emphasize the importance... read more

Safe Company Profile: Curby’s Lawn & Garden

May 15, 2018By
Team safety meeting. Photo: Curby's Lawn & Garden

When asked about the last time Curby’s Lawn & Garden dealt with an accident, Larry Craig, safety and quality control manager, replies “Maybe we had a minor traffic accident more than a decade ago, but it was so long ago, I can’t quite remember.” A winner of the National Association of Landscape Professionals’ (NALP) 2016 Best of the Best Award,... read more

Let’s Grow: Year-round spring cleaning

May 15, 2018By

It’s the end of renewal season, and spring work is about to commence. While sitting at your desk late in the day, you receive an email. The message is from a customer. It essentially says, “Thanks for your service, but you’re fired.” After considering some options, like begging or “getting a drink,” you might want to consider, “Is this good... read more