Chassis cab cruising

June 24, 2019By
Chassis cab (Photo: Ford)

When it comes to choosing the right chassis cab, design/build professionals must sift through a truckload of options. We spoke with two chassis cab experts — Kevin Koester, medium-duty and super-duty fleet brand manager at Ford, and David Sowers, head of commercial vehicle marketing at Ram — to help make the decision easier. 1. Cab size Landscape pros should first... read more

Leading edge(ing)

June 21, 2019By
Steel edging (Photo: Coyote Landscape Products)

Metal and concrete and rubber — oh my! With so many landscape edging products on the market, it’s important for landscape professionals to consider their region’s climate and the edging’s intended application before settling on a material. “Edging is not one size fits all,” says Daniel Martin, director of marketing at Permaloc in Holland, Mich. To get the lowdown on... read more

The Big One: A tranquil retreat

June 19, 2019By
Front view of house (Photo: James Martin Associates)

Location: Libertyville, Ill. Company: James Martin Associates This property’s landscape was originally designed and built by James Martin Associates, and created a restful environment where guests could view the water feature, flowers and outdoor elements from a variety of vantage points. After the design/build project was completed, the company’s maintenance team took over the upkeep of the project. Account Manager... read more

What’s the deal with webworms?

June 14, 2019By
Sod webworm (Photo: FMC Professional Solutions)

As adults, sod webworms are long, brownish-gray moths with a wingspan of about 22 millimeters and a snoutlike projection on the front of their heads. Keep an eye out for the adults because it could mean larvae, and they’re the ones who do the real damage. Sod webworm larvae are small, only about 1-13 millimeters in length, and range from... read more

4 sales mistakes you can’t afford to make

June 12, 2019By
Chess pieces (Photo: iStock.com/Olivier Le Moal)

As we all know, sales are to a landscaping company what gas is to a truck — without them, and a steady supply for the months ahead, you aren’t going anywhere for long. But succeeding at sales takes real planning and focus. This month, take a good look at your current approach and ensure you’re steering clear of these crucial... read more

Brand U: A Deere relationship

June 10, 2019By
John Deere mower (Photo: John Deere)

Ivan Giraldo, president of Clean Scapes, prides himself on the reputation of his company. Four years ago, when it came time to replace some of his company’s mower fleet, the 30-year veteran of the green industry turned to another name that represented a solid tradition: John Deere. “It’s a well-recognized brand with a lot of history,” he says. Clean Scapes... read more