Best Practices: Take the lead on pricing

June 11, 2012By

The landscape maintenance industry has been fighting a low price-to-nowhere war for the last few years. Some think it might have hit bottom, but others see more of the same. In any event, selling value has become more difficult — if not impossible. We all know that companies are now reducing scope and frequency to gain an edge in the... read more

The power of pricing

June 11, 2012By

There is still a lot of gnashing of teeth about market pricing. I showed a chart at a recent Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) event that reported mowing prices in different regions of the country and what the average gross margin is at each price (see Table 1). The table details actual data we collect on pricing. It does not recommend... read more

Taking Green to the next level

June 11, 2012By

Green Industry companies explore and explain the value in providing sustainable services. It takes a village of stewards to raise a healthy landscape. Just ask the members of Next Level Network, an executive peer group of progressive, sustainable landscape contractors from around the country who have aligned their companies’ strategy and spirit with environmental responsibility. “It’s more than just good business;... read more

A Cut Above: John Gachina

June 11, 2012By

By Tom Crain “We believe that the spirit of our organization is our team, representing a variety of cultures from three continents and 10 countries,” says John Gachina, president of Gachina Landscape Management, Menlo Park, Calif. “About half of our account management team has risen through the ranks, starting at entry-level positions.” Gachina gives them important tools, including education and... read more

Project Portfolio: Concrete ideas

June 11, 2012By

Create a series of linked site enhancements, respecting the home’s modernist architecture. “This project is a complete redesign of the entire 1.3-acre property to frame the 1950s architecture, provide dynamic usable exterior space, integrate a pool, and mitigate erosion stemming from a poor cut/fill balance when the home was originally constructed,” notes Scott Frampton, CFO and project estimator manager for... read more

Add on Biz: Living off the land

June 10, 2012By

As the idea of homegrown fruits, vegetables, and herbs gains increasing interest in American homes, a service offering of “edible landscaping” is beginning to crop up among residential landscapers. It can be a wonderful add-on service that clients appreciate. For Shannon Hathaway, president of Green Heron Landscaping Inc., in Cary, NC, edible landscaping is not a new concept in any... read more