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Yours for the taking

June 18, 2013By

There’s an intriguing quote attributed to artist Pablo Picasso, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” That’s what the best of the best in any profession do. Excellent writers curate concepts and borrow themes from other writers all the time. Top landscape designers pull ideas from not only nature but public gardens and parks created by other designers. Successful businesspeople do... read more

Project Portfolio: Bay views

June 18, 2013By

Incorporate outdoor living space and provide more opportunities to showcase the views of the Bay. This San Francisco Bay property was at one time part of a larger estate with some historical significance. The landscape project began midway through a major renovation to the primary residence, which itself was added years before with a more modern, contemporary design than its... read more

1-Minute Mentor: Jim McCutcheon, LIC

June 17, 2013By

Meet Jim McCutcheon, LIC, CEO of HighGrove Partners, Austell, Ga. Who’s your mentor? As far as the landscape industry goes, it’s the tale of the two Franks. Frank Ross [with 3PG Consulting]: I’ve been working with him for over 15 years. He’s had a huge impact on not only my business growth but my personal growth. And with Frank Mariani... read more

In store

June 17, 2013By

With seasonal containers, a Virginia-based landscape firm finds work styling the exterior of a boutique. When a high-end clothier showed interest in a new storefront plant display, it led to a new account for Kane Landscapes, a Potomac Falls, Va.-based landscape company. While it was the company’s first seasonal color change-out job for a commercial client, the mostly residential company... read more

It’s bed time

June 17, 2013By

Landscape bed weed control is an attractive service opportunity, says one LCO. Lawn care companies that haven’t yet embraced the business opportunity of landscape bed weed control should rethink their decision not to provide this service. So says Phil Fogarty, owner of Crowley’s/Weed Man of Euclid, Ohio, which has a 90 percent renewal rate for bed weed control program. There... read more

Smart communication

June 17, 2013By

A look inside a successful Smart Irrigation Month marketing campaign. The Toro Co. is the manufacturer winner of the 2012 Smart Marketing Contest. We spoke with Mike Baron, Toro’s national specifications manager, to learn more about how to successfully communicate the tenets of Smart Irrigation Month. Question: Toro’s 2012 Smart Irrigation Month efforts included reaching out to diverse audiences, including... read more