June 2015

Web Extra: Pro-Motion Consulting’s operations scorecard and property audit templates

June 25, 2015By

A weekly operations scorecard is a highly effective management tool to improve performance, increase transparency and create accountability. There’s an investment of time and resources to develop and maintain an operations scorecard, but the benefits far outweigh the costs. How is your operations team doing? Are they winning? Download Pro-Motion Consulting‘s operations scorecard and property audit templates to maximum the... read more

Backstory: Matt Gramer

June 22, 2015By
Photo: Matt Gramer

Matt Gramer President NatureWorks Landscape Services Walpole, Mass. Education Walpole High School Walpole, Mass. Class of 1991 Bentley University
 Waltham, Mass. Bachelor of Science, 
Business Management Class of 1995 “During that period of time, I organized my classes around my work schedule, so I could still run the business and maintain it throughout those four years.” Organization memberships 2000-present Member... read more

Continuing to serve

June 21, 2015By

Government contracts fuel former Marine’s New York landscape and snow removal business. In 2010, Chris Dambach and his fellow Marines were sitting on the back of a vehicle, on the border of Syria and Iraq, talking about where life after the military would take them. Some of the guys mentioned they would go to college, while others talked about joining... read more

Two-wire irrigation systems

June 20, 2015By

Why two-wire irrigation systems are growing in popularity. It takes awhile for landscape contractors to trust new types of irrigation technology, so traditional ones have prevailed. In the past five to 10 years, two-wire systems have steadily become a contender in the irrigation industry. “Traditionally wired systems had been proven, and two-wire didn’t start to pick up momentum until the... read more

Turf care vehicles: Which do you prefer and why?

June 19, 2015By

Rick LaNore Technical Director, MRW Lawns La Plata, Md. “We use Isuzu NPR medium-duty trucks. They’re heavy-duty enough to carry the volume of water we need for our liquid applications and also good for granular materials. The truck bed we use is BrandFX. They customize the trucks to our specifications, so we can custom blend our applications on-site.” Sam Lang... read more

Be a sales superstar

June 19, 2015By

The economy is heating up. Have you altered your sales style to take advantage? The following proven approaches will help you become a sales superstar. Build emotional bonds At the heart of it, people make emotional decisions and use facts to rationalize their choices. Your job is to help prospective clients realize—from an emotional point of view—why they need your... read more