SafetyWatch: Hedge trimmer safety

July 13, 2016By

Powered hedge trimmers, also known as gas trimmers, gas shears or hedge clippers, present many safety hazards. Before starting a hedge trimmer, check the following items. The condition of the hedge trimmer: Do you see any damage that may affect its performance and safe operation? For example, make sure the spark plug boot is secure to avoid sparks and possible... read more

Fertigation: An efficient way to feed

July 8, 2016By

Fertigation is one way to give clients what they want—a greener, healthier lawn for less. Michael Chaplinsky cuts to the chase. “No customer actually wants an irrigation system,” he said. “All they really want are green plants.” Through fertigation, clients can have both. Fertigation is the process in which fertilizer is dissolved and distributed along with water in a drip... read more

Case Study: Party time

July 6, 2016By

Party prep has been a fun and easy add-on for CLC Landscape Design. After being asked several times to help clean up properties before clients’ parties or events, Richard Cording Sr., LIC, owner of CLC Landscape Design in Ringwood, N.J., realized he had a new service on his hands. Though it remains small—less than 1 percent of the company’s revenue—Cording... read more

Business Basics: Which way is the wind blowing?

July 1, 2016By

There’s an often repeated saying that “strategy should not be created in a vacuum.” That means before you decide on a course of action, it’s best to consider what’s happening around you. This concept may seem obvious, but I can assure you that very few companies in our industry employ a formal process for conducting external analyses. Some do a... read more

Backstory: Richard Bare

June 29, 2016By

Richard Bare President Arbor-Nomics Turf Norcross, Ga. Education Chaney High School Youngstown, Ohio Class of 1966 The Ohio State University Bachelor’s of Science, Ornamental Horticulture Class of 1970 Work Experience 1960-1966 Worker bee Terrace Gardens Nursery, Youngstown, Ohio “I had a very rich upbringing at my father’s nursery. Not monetarily—but with experience.” 1970-1973 Owner Fern Hill Landscaping, Columbus, Ohio “When... read more

Saving space with enclosed trailers

June 27, 2016By

Doug McIntosh, owner of McIntosh Grounds Maintenance in Milan, Mich., was running out of space in his shop and considered upgrading to a larger one. One day he looked around and realized his trailers, which were parked inside, were taking up all the space. He had his solution: enclosed trailers that could be parked outside. “The shop was going to... read more