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Role reversal and the Age of Necessity

July 1, 2010By

It’s the circle of life. As our children grow into adults and we grow into grandparents, we hope our children remember at least some of the things we did for them and lend us a hand during our times of need. The world’s economy is no different. Welcome to seniorhood, America. “Nine out of 10 people under the age of... read more

Oil & water

July 1, 2010By

While having a discussion about water, Andy Smith is, ironically, pumping gas. The external affairs director of the Irrigation Association is driving 250 miles to a meeting. And while, traditionally, oil and water don’t mix, these two diminishing resources — or, rather, their better management — are merged in Smith’s mind. One is observed daily, and then compared, analyzed and... read more

2010: A Turf Odyssey

July 1, 2010By

After talking to so many industry experts on the oil and water conundrum and its affects on the landscape industry, particularly how conserving these two resources is leading some groups to point to turf and plants as the problem, I started having nightmares. I pictured vast hillsides of turf and trees — lush and vibrant green — reduced to dusty,... read more

Lawncare pro: Wayne Volz

July 1, 2010By

In 1979 Wayne Volz wanted a 10-speed bicycle. “My Dad told me that if I wanted it, I would need to earn the money to pay for it,” says Volz, president of Wayne’s Lawn Service. Volz started mowing nine lawns that summer and the rest is history. He continued mowing through high school, and college. After graduating from college, he... read more

Lawncare pro: Ray Bradley

July 1, 2010By

Not many 40-year–old company founders can say they’ve led their companies for 25 years. Ray Bradley founded what would become Raymow Enterprises when he was 15 years old. Every time his friends would come over and ask to see Ray, his Mom would tell them Ray was mowing. From that came the name “RAYMOW.” The company now includes Southern Landscaping... read more

Keep SITES in your sight

July 1, 2010By

The Sustainable Sites Initiative’s (SITES) two-year pilot program runs from June 2010 to June 2012. Feedback from the more than 150 participating projects will be used to revise the SITES final rating system. At this stage of its development, it’s difficult to gauge the impact of SITES on the professional landscape/lawn service industry. It’s likely there will be little effect,... read more