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Risk Management: When errors occur

July 7, 2012By

You can’t always prevent mistakes, but you can lessen the blow of paying for them. A landscape designer/contractor designs a plan that doesn’t take into consideration the septic tank field lying just beyond the property — and then selects trees with invasive roots. It’s a liability situation that doesn’t happen overnight. Several years down the road, when those roots grow... read more

The Benchmark: Time for the 90-day scrub

July 7, 2012By

The absolute best management planning document on the planet is the rolling budget. Managed properly, there is no better management tool ever invented. Ever. In my January column, we spoke of the benefits of creating a budget for your year — documenting that budget, spreading it by month and focusing your management team’s energies to achieving those anticipated results. You... read more

Saving every last drop

July 3, 2012By

Conservation-minded landscape professionals are turning to rainwater harvesting and graywater systems to recycle water.  With the heat wave that engulfed the country this month, no doubt many Americans have taken the liberty of letting the sprinkler run a tad bit longer than usual. We hope people have been paying as much attention to the calendar as they have to the... read more

A landscape business in a box

July 3, 2012By

Franchises have advanced, but franchisors aren’t too eager to mess with what’s long been a winning formula. With the advent of technology, increased emphasis on branding and better equipment, franchising has changed a lot over the years. But even with all its advances, its core has not budged. “The concept of franchising is the same now as it always has... read more