July 2016

What you need to know about Zika

August 3, 2016By

For those new to the mosquito control game, the question you’re most likely to get this summer is, “Should I be worried about Zika?” The Zika virus is here. Don’t panic. That’s the message the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) shared at a webinar in May called “Zika: What you should know.” “In certain areas of the country, it simply... read more

Who’s your mentor?

August 1, 2016By
Photo: Jerry Mann, lm staff & mariani landscape

Landscape pros and their mentors prove how these relationships can accelerate growth. Eric Remeis knew his 26-year-old landscape company was in a position to grow, but he needed some advice getting there. So why not ask for it? In 2015, the president of Yard Solutions in Groveport, Ohio, engaged a few people he knew could ease his company’s growing pains.... read more

Teamwork drives success at Red Valley Landscape & Construction

July 29, 2016By
Photos: Red Valley Landscape & Construction

Taking on a diverse array of new endeavors, Red Valley Landscape & Construction is growing quickly, with no signs of slowing down. Mike Freeman’s company, Red Valley Landscape & Construction, has experienced the kind of growth that many contractors can only dream of. Since its beginning in 2012, the $5.3 million company in Edmond, Okla., has grown more than 220... read more

Step by Step: How to edge a landscape bed

July 27, 2016By
illustrations: David Preiss

One of the first steps to creating a new landscape bed is to establish a neat, consistent edge. Maintaining an existing edge is also an effective way to keep beds looking tidy. Some contractors prefer a power tool such as an electric edger or a trimmer to edge their landscape beds, but others agree that manually edging with a tool... read more

Moving trees proves profitable for one landscape company

July 25, 2016By
 Photo: The Green Scene

One landscape business owner has found a unique service in moving large trees. Two decades ago, Drewe Schoenholtz’s clients were putting on a home addition that would require them to cut down a beautiful blue spruce. Schoenholtz, owner of The Green Scene, remembers thinking, “There must be a way we can move this tree.” And there was. After some research... read more

Leveraging Instagram in the landscape industry

July 22, 2016By
Photo: ©istock.com/Ellica_S

Presentations, brochures, design books—our industry is ruled by photographs. Whether it’s a beautifully designed patio or a weed-free lawn—pictures allow us to make an emotional connection with our customers and sell our services. So, it’s not too surprising that I consider Instagram—a photo-centric platform—to be near the top of my list of the best social media channels for the landscape... read more