Web Extra: SafetyWatch in Spanish (understanding loading, operating limits)

September 18, 2018By

The following is a Spanish version of SafetyWatch from the July 2018 issue of Landscape Management. It discusses understanding loading and operating limits. Find the original SafetyWatch in English here or see page 18 of the magazine. Safetywatch en español: Entender los límites de carga y operación Todas las máquinas tienen ciertas restricciones. Estas son distintas dependiendo de la máquina... read more

From start to finish: Irrigation startups and shutdowns

August 10, 2018By
Man setting irrigation system

For an irrigation system to run properly throughout the warm summer months, it’s important that it’s turned on and off correctly at the beginning and end of each season. No one knows this better than Tom Horn, president of All-n-One Outdoor Solutions in Jefferson City, Mo., and a trainer for Rain Bird. “The importance of a proper turn-on is to... read more

How to be a ‘magnetic’ employer

August 1, 2018By
Magnet attracting marbles. Illustration: iStock.com/alphaspirit

Unemployment is at record lows, and there are more jobs available than there are people to fill them. Given this scenario, it’s no surprise that the most pressing concern for business owners and managers nationwide right now is how to find the new hires they need and keep the good people they have. So, how can forward-thinking employers successfully compete... read more

Idea generation with ‘The Sharks’

July 30, 2018By
Employees pitching ideas. Photo: Timberline Landscaping

The team at Timberline Landscaping in Colorado Springs, Colo., created an in-person opportunity for employees to pitch ideas to help the company grow strategically. Sound familiar? The company modeled the initiative after the hit TV show “Shark Tank,” on which entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to celebrity business people in an effort to get them to sign on as investors.... read more

SafetyWatch: Understand loading, operating limits

July 23, 2018By

There’s a limit to what machines can lift. These limits are different with every machine and attachment. For example, the limit of pallet forks and small landscape buckets is different because with pallet forks, the load is farther away from the loader itself. A skid-steer loader operates under the same principle. Every skid-steer has a rated operating capacity (ROC), which is the... read more

Making the most of a labor force

July 23, 2018By
Crew member and sprinklers. Photo: Serpico Landscaping

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Serpico Landscaping has struggled to hire people—due in part to the region’s economic growth that has created some of the highest wages in the country. President Peter Novak says hiring and retention have been challenging for many years, but the struggle has intensified over the last several years. “Demand has driven wages way... read more