July 2022

Water World: Upgrading a tribute

August 22, 2022By
Massey Services salvaged as much of the original irrigation system as possible to re-use and repurpose.

Partnering with OUC for an Earth Day beautification project, Massey Services donated 142 labor hours to install an irrigation system. read more

The Big One: Turf to rival The Sod Father

August 19, 2022By
Photo: James Martin Associates

A look at the project that earned James Martin Associates an award from the National Association of Landscape Professionals Awards of Excellence Program. read more

Hardscape Solutions: A collaborative vision

August 17, 2022By
(Photo: Katie Hall Photography)

The story of the project that earned Grant & Power Landscaping a silver award from the 2021 NALP Awards of Excellence program. read more

Pros share the ins and outs of landscape lighting

August 15, 2022By
Landscape lighting installation styles vary widely across different U.S. regions, such as more modern looks across the Northeast and West Coast, industry experts say. (Photo: FX Luminaire)

Some industry experts say there are many options to highlight the complex landscape or plantings for lighting of a specific region. read more

Grow with Grunder: It’s time to get off your island and thank your supporters

August 12, 2022By
Photo: sinseeho/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Marty Grunder says it's important to take a moment to thank your mentors for their support and the time they’ve taken to teach and encourage you. read more

Business Insider: Why selling your business is a bad investment

August 10, 2022By
photo: peshkov/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Jeffrey Scott explains how selling your business may seem like a smart business move but it has risks and is not the only scenario for building wealth. read more