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Labor, pesticides top Day on the Hill issues

August 1, 2010By

On July 20, about 80 landscape/lawn service company owners and managers traversed the halls of the Senate and House office buildings in Washington D.C. to educate legislators on issues affecting landscaping businesses. Not unexpectedly, the two issues foremost on the visitors’ minds were labor and pesticides. Specifically, they urged lawmakers to support the H-2B seasonal guest worker program — and... read more

A Cut Above: Anil Hiremath

August 1, 2010By

Not many CEOs will admit they knew little or nothing about the industry when they took over the reins, but that’s the situation Anil Hiremath found himself in when he moved from the auto industry to The Groundskeeper six years ago. “I was just so ready to get into a work environment — a company — where I could really... read more

Snow tech, down cold

August 1, 2010By

To a snow and ice management contractor, a truck is like a second home. Fifteen-hour workdays aren’t uncommon, so having a comfortable, reliable vehicle is crucial. And, let’s face it, equipment that allows the operator to spend a bulk of time inside the warm cab — and not out in the cold — is extremely valuable. Just as trucks have... read more

Lawncare pro: Ewald Alstadt

August 1, 2010By

“Even after 30 years with Lawn Doctor, we still get calls here from people saying, ‘I want to speak with the guy with the funny name that I can’t remember,’ and the calls are automatically passed on to me,” says Ewald Alstadt, vice president of operations & support services for Lawn Doctor. “I’m an immigrant, one of the legal ones.... read more

Can gas remain king?

August 1, 2010By

Commercial cutters are warming to the COST SAVINGS and environmental benefits offered by alternative fuels. Tall and outgoing, Eric Hansen’s youthful enthusiasm keeps him investigating better ways to serve his landscape clients. While his tightly run, 30-person Competitive Lawn Services is best known in the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove for providing reliable service the past 28 years, the past... read more

Perfection obsession?

August 1, 2010By

I recently noticed something in my daughter’s behavior that concerns me. Before we leave a room, she likes to put certain toys away. And she’s very particular. The bear must be seated to the right of the elephant and the doll must have her shoes on. And all of the toy drawers must be closed — all the way. Not... read more