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1-Minute Mentor: Harold Enger, LIC

August 1, 2013By

Meet Harold Enger, LIC, director of education, Spring-Green, Plainfield, Ill. Who’s your mentor? There are three. One is Bob Parmley, who was co-owner of the first lawn care company I worked at, Tempo 21. He was very even-tempered, very thorough and thought-provoking. I was in my 20s and full of vim and vigor. He taught me you have to step... read more

Reducing costs, improving lives

August 1, 2013By

Research shows about 40 percent of all health care expenses in the U.S. stem from preventable chronic illnesses that are most often caused by three lifestyle choices: physical inactivity, poor diet and tobacco use, according to the Cleveland Clinic. At the same time, the Affordable Care Act is forcing employers’ hands to offer health care to all workers or pay... read more

Coach for revenue growth

August 1, 2013By

In my last column I talked about the first function of a good sales manager—planning and prioritizing the salesman’s time. In this column, I address the second function of a sales manager—coaching for salesman effectiveness. I recently rode with a salesman on a call for a Class A Commercial opportunity. I always use the car ride to prepare for the... read more

Project Portfolio: Addressing Gettysburg

July 26, 2013By

Maintain the integrity of this historically significant site as its visitors center relocates elsewhere on the premises. The Gettysburg battlefield is a reminder of three fateful days in July 1863, when the tide of the American Civil War shifted from Confederate to Union advantage. Commemorating this historic battle and its significance was originally undertaken in the 1960s, with a visitors... read more

Are you a resonant leader?

July 26, 2013By

Emotional intelligence isn’t just feel-good stuff. It’s about the bottom line. Think back over your years in business, from the early days when you came into the workplace. Is there someone who inspired you along the way? Someone who helped you dig deep and find the best you had to offer, a boss or manager who helped you see that... read more

‘Affordable’ care?

July 26, 2013By

Will “Obamacare” batter or bolster your bottom line? The question is an important one, given the impact of health insurance costs on the earnings of small business owners. While calculating the precise effect of the complicated Affordable Care Act (ACA) is difficult, you have a good chance of turning it to your advantage if you have fewer than 50 employees... read more