August 2015

Actively seeking solutions

August 20, 2015By

As many turf and ornamental pesticide active ingredients have gone off patent, LCOs have more choices when it comes to product selection. How do you decide whether 
to use a patented or off-patent pesticide product? 1. Consider profitability. Most lawn care companies operate on slim margins and are affected by factors outside their operational control—such as the weather or how... read more

Cultivating an experience

August 19, 2015By
Gachina Landscape Management

A landscape firm’s large garden serves its staff and the community. Gachina Landscape Management in Menlo Park, Calif., has practiced sustainable gardening as part of some of its maintenance contracts for nearly a decade. It naturally parlayed those skills into its own project: a large garden area it calls The Farm. The Farm, launched in January 2014, is located about... read more

Big Picture: Ready for its close-up

August 18, 2015By
Southview Design, Inver Grove Heights, Minn.

LOCATION: Behind a local TV station’s studios COMPANY: Southview Design, Inver Grove Heights, Minn. THE DETAILS: For 31 years, this TV station’s “Back Yard” has hosted interviews, weather reports, cooking and gardening segments and more. But the space had seen better days. It was time for an upgrade. The station shared two design concepts on-air for viewers to vote on.... read more

Efficiency tip: The Daily Four

August 17, 2015By

At TBG Landscape in Whitby, Ontario, the management staff knows open communication is essential to the company’s success. The primarily design/build company had $17.2 million in 2014 annual revenue. As such, at the end of every work day all foremen send an email to President Mark Bradley called the Daily Four. It includes the following information: • The crew’s three... read more

Step by Step: Checking trees for pests

August 15, 2015By
Source: Rob Gorden, director of urban forestry, Arborjet

Whether a client’s tree is showing signs of distress or you’re taking a proactive approach, contractors need to be on the lookout for invasive insects. Drought or heat stress can make trees more susceptible to insects that can severely damage or kill them, so it’s important to catch damage early. Some of the most harmful pests are emerald ash borers,... read more

Time-saving tech

August 14, 2015By

Technology helps streamline the irrigation 
division of Echo Systems, resulting in a better 
use of technicians’ time and better looking 
client properties. “I can be 30 miles from a site and tell you pretty much everything that has happened with the client’s 
irrigation system in about a minute,” says Josh White. The head of business 
development for Echo Systems in... read more