Bringing masonry skills inside

September 12, 2016By
Photo: Tulikivi

Chad Turpin has always enjoyed the comfort of having a wood-burning fireplace in the home. However, he became frustrated to find they can actually work at a negative efficiency—drawing hot air up the chimney and leaving the rest of the home chilly. About a decade ago, the co-owner of Turpin Landscaping in Coatesville, Pa., was flipping through the paper and... read more

Preferred lighting controllers

September 9, 2016By
Photo: ©istock.com/Doug Bennett

What lighting controller do you prefer and why? Matt Carli Outdoor Lighting Designer, Moonlighting Landscape Lighting Systems Charleston, S.C. “We’re proponents of 24-hour astronomical time clocks with battery back-ups, like the Intermatic DT-620 or the Intermatic ET-110. Clients appreciate a simple timer that they could set themselves if necessary. The automatic adjustment to the ever-changing dusk and dawn times and... read more

Big Picture: Happy Landings

September 2, 2016By
Photos: Groundworks Landscaping

Location: New York oceanfront Company: Groundworks Landscaping, East Hampton, N.Y. The Details: The client’s site views were already stunning. The Groundworks Landscaping team didn’t want to take away from those. Rather, the focus of the project was to implement a simple foundation planting plan that tied the landscaping to the architecture of the newly renovated home. The house sits on... read more

Navigating regulations at the municipal level

August 31, 2016By

Regulations at the municipal level can have a profound impact on your business. How to pull the strings your way. With the 2016 election quickly approaching, business owners everywhere are wondering who will win the presidential race and how the political makeup of Congress will change. And no wonder: The decisions of the voters will determine legislation that helps or... read more

A new age of practical aerators

August 29, 2016By

Aerator technology continues to advance, providing landscape pros more efficient machines. After decades of being heavy, slow and difficult to maneuver, aerators are finally being made with the landscape contractor in mind. “This wasn’t the case even 10 years ago when aerators were designed for two primary customers: the dedicated turf care professional and the DIY rental customer,” says Linda... read more

UTVs: Versatility + Durability

August 26, 2016By

Three different views on using utility vehicles in the landscape industry. Utility task vehicles, or UTVs, can serve many functions for landscape professionals. In fact, their versatility—particularly with the use of attachments—is often listed by landscapers as their favorite attribute of these heavy-duty vehicles. We spoke with three companies that are using UTVs in three different ways to find out... read more