Brush up on chainsaw safety

September 15, 2017By
Photos: ACRT

Many landscape and tree care professionals use a chainsaw daily—but that doesn’t mean safe handling best practices should be taken lightly. We all fall into routines, whether it’s how you get ready for work each day, the route you take to get there or how you perform your job. But for those of us working with powerful equipment each day,... read more

Is snowmelting an option for you?

September 14, 2017By
Photos: Snow Dragon

Fewer snow farms and more regulations are expanding the market for snowmelters. Figuring out where to dump snow is getting tougher for snow and ice management professionals. Dumping snow into bodies of water has fallen out of favor and is often illegal. The number of snow farms, or snow dumps, is also in decline—particularly in urban areas—due to factors like... read more

How to ID turf diseases

September 8, 2017By
illustrations: David Preiss

When the ‘disease triangle’ is present in a lawn, problems can crop up. Turf disease isn’t only an unsightly nuisance for homeowners. It can also be extremely damaging for lawns if not treated properly. For a disease to cause a problem, three components—referred to as the disease triangle—must first exist: a host, a pathogen and a conducive environment. The host... read more

A look at the many uses of UTVs

September 5, 2017By
Photo: Polaris

How UTVs and attachments are changing the job site. Ready for work or play, utility vehicles (UTVs) are gaining traction as landscapers find more applications for them on the job site. These machines are now starting to fill voids in some landscapers’ fleets—and not just on the commercial side. Helping to make them an attractive, versatile option is a long... read more

SafetyWatch: Chainsaw safety tips

September 1, 2017By
Source: Greenius

Making a poor choice or a simple mistake when using a chainsaw can result in serious injury to you or bystanders and can cause significant property damage. Never use a chainsaw if you’re unsure of your abilities or feel unsafe. Don’t work above your skill level, and never operate a chainsaw without proper training. Consult with your manager or supervisor... read more

Incentive insight

August 25, 2017By
Photo: red valley landscape & construction

Profits and employee engagement can soar when you reward your employees. The landscape industry’s employee woes typically center around recruiting and retention, but many experts say business owners should really be concerned about engagement. According to a study from Gallup, companies with highly engaged employees outperform those without by up to 147 percent in earnings per share. Meanwhile, this same... read more