Step by Step: How to install a French drain

August 21, 2017By
illustrations: David Preiss

Drainage issues in a lawn can cause an array of problems, like disease and damage to a home’s foundation. One way to get rid of excess water is to install a French drain. A French drain consists of a perforated drainage tube placed into a trench filled with loose gravel or rock that’s designed to take water away from wet... read more

Big Picture: Tiers of Joy

August 18, 2017By
Photo Credit: Brian J. Koribanick/Landscape Techniques

Location: Caldwell, N.J. Company: Landscape Techniques, Nutley, N.J. Photo Credit: Brian J. Koribanick/Landscape Techniques The design intent was to transform a barren hillside at the rear of a home into a multitier, family-centric oasis. To make this a reality, Landscape Techniques developed a four-tier landscape construction plan: Tier I: Expansive brick paver patio, anchoring the dining and cooking areas. Tier... read more

Accounting for millennials

August 7, 2017By
Photo: ©istock.com/Sitthiphong

Millennial business owners and managers demand an ever-increasing amount of real time information. They embrace technology and can make decisions quickly based on financial and operational dashboards. Our accounting firm and many of our peers have noticed a need to accommodate millennials’ thirst for services and information presented in a much different manner than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. Here’s... read more

Web Extra: Hourly raises are rising

August 4, 2017By

Kevin McHale, owner of McHale Landscape, says it took “a shift from the paradigm” to get his field employees to understand the value of an incentive program—particularly one that’s tied to company performance. In many employees’ minds, hourly pay trumps all, even a 401(k)-matching program, he says. “In our industry, everything is gauged and valued at what you get paid... read more

Command premium prices for snow and ice management

August 4, 2017By
Photo: iStock.com/bizoo_n

The snow and ice management industry is a diverse and competitive marketplace with many different types of customers and contractors serving it. Still, there is ample opportunity to command premium prices. After all, focusing on the premium market segments is a strategic decision and a choice not all companies will make. In a snow industry benchmarking study published by Hindsite... read more

Backstory: Jonathan Orcutt

August 4, 2017By
Photos: Driven Landscapes

Jonathan Orcutt Founder/President Driven Landscapes Norfolk, Mass. Education Medfield High School Medfield, Mass. Class of 2003 “From the time I was in elementary school I did neighborhood lawns. By high school I was a little more serious, and while I was in college in the summers I always fell back into landscaping.” West Virginia University Morgantown, W.Va. Business administration/marketing Class... read more