Case study: A fundamental idea

August 4, 2017By

One landscape company builds its culture by communicating company values consistently. While Heads Up Landscape Contractors (HULC) —a full-service landscaping company providing design, construction, irrigation and grounds maintenance in Albuquerque, N.M.— always has had a strong culture, its leaders say formalizing some of its fundamentals in a program called “The Heads Up Way” has been a practical approach for training... read more

How to manage your sales process for better results

August 4, 2017By

Picture your Monday morning sales meeting: “How are we doing in new sales?” “Good.” “Are we close to getting any new work?” “Oh yeah!” “Really?” “Yeah. Everyone I talked to loves us.” “How many is everyone?” “A bunch.” “What’s the plan for this week to get these guys?” “I have lots of meetings set up.” Perhaps I’m being overly glib,... read more

A group effort: How organizations are teaming up to promote efficient water management

August 4, 2017By
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Partnerships among agencies that focus on efficient water management are more important than ever. Water shortages continue to impact states throughout the country, a fact that Mary Ann Dickinson, president and CEO of the Alliance for Water Efficiency, says should concern everyone. Even states that are typically considered to be water rich are experiencing scarcity issues due to the stress... read more

Leadership Advantage: Problem solving 101

August 4, 2017By
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If you have a business problem that’s going to take $1,000 to solve, shame on you if you cheap out and try to fix it for $900. You risk not solving it at all and having to start over. Only now, it may be a $1,100 problem that’s going to cost you a total of $2,000 to remedy. This brings... read more

Efficiency Tip: A tool for bootstrappers

August 4, 2017By
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1-R Landscaping in Belvidere, N.J., is only in its first season using Yardbook, a landscaping business software, but it already has changed the way the two-man company operates. “We started using it during the snow season mostly to accept credit cards,” owner Andrew Rudd says. “Now, we use it for all invoicing, we do routing off of it for mowing,... read more

Editor’s Note: Do rewards work?

August 4, 2017By

Keep it simple seems like good advice when it comes to employee incentive programs. It’s the first of a few rules of thumb offered by a compensation expert in our cover story this month. It seems like a no-brainer to me, as someone who can barely keep up with her school-age daughters’ sticker charts. Landscape company owners and managers have... read more