September 2012

Landscape Management gracefully aging

September 10, 2012By

A look at how Landscape Management’s design and focus have evolved over five decades. 1962
 – Weeds and Turf debuts. Notable: Noticing a rise in demand for contract outdoor chemical applications, Pest Control magazine (now Pest Management Professional) begins running a monthly supplement called Weeds and Turf. 1965
 – We adopt a new name, Weeds Trees and Turf. Notable: “Trees”... read more

When offering options, less is more

September 1, 2012By

Q. We spend too much time on concepts and revisions before we go to contract and get a deposit. How can we reduce our design time so that we can make a small profit on our drawings and shorten our sales cycle without compromising the quality of our work? —Lenny Hartwell, New Traditions Landscaping, Fredericksburg, Va. A. First, check out... read more