September 2014

Web Extra: Lambert’s commitment to organics

September 10, 2014By

The September 2014 cover story, “Full circle,” profiles Lambert Landscape Co. Here, we detail how its organic lawn care program came about and how it’s advanced over time.  Paul Fields sums up Lambert Landscape Co.’s switch to organic lawn care as “going cold turkey.” It happened over the course of a weekend in 1989, recollects the president of Lambert’s. “Anything we had that... read more

Web Extra: Key into herbicide MOAs

September 10, 2014By

“Battling herbicide resistance” from the September 2014 issue of Landscape Management fixes on weed resistance in the lawn care industry. Here, we offer a chart on common turf herbicide modes of action. Turf scientist have discovered weeds become resistant to herbicides due to lack of diversified weed management methods. When managers find an effective herbicide, then use it year in... read more

Web Extra: The CJL way to plant warranties

September 10, 2014By

Chris James Landscaping, featured in “Evening it out” in the September 2014 issue of Landscape Management, requires clients to sign a contract for plant warranties. Chris James Landscaping (CJL) put parameters on its plant warranties. And all 22 of them are transparently listed on its planting warranty contract, which must be signed by the client and CJL President Chris James... read more

Web Extra: Lambert’s modernizes marketing

September 10, 2014By

Lambert Landscape Co., featured in the September 2014 cover story, “Full circle,” reinvented its marketing tactics to align with its strategic plan. In step with its strategic plan to tap into new clientele in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, Lambert Landscape Co. began channeling its marketing toward younger, more cost-conscious prospects late last year. Judson Griggs, director of sales and marketing,... read more

Web Extra: Lambert’s history in photos

September 9, 2014By

Narrowing in on its centennial, Lambert Landscape Co., featured in the September 2014 cover story, “Full circle,” has endured 95 years of change. We trace through the the company’s history, from its founding in Shreveport, La., to its impressions in Dallas.   read more

1-Minute Mentor: Zachary Johnson

September 4, 2014By

Associate professor (in landscape business and landscape design & contracting) at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colo. Who’s your mentor? His name was Todd Williams, president of Terracare Associates. We lost him too soon. He was a great guy. We were both on the board of directors of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado. Also, we created a professional practices class together... read more