‘Partners’ inspire growth, goodwill

September 4, 2014By
(From left) David Minor, CEO, and Rick Onstott, president, opened Fort Worth-based The Landscape Partners in 2003.

A Texas company’s focus on partnerships inspires growth and goodwill in the communities it serves. To Rick Onstott, president of The Landscape Partners, a company is a lot like a three-legged stool. “If one of the three legs is broken, the stool will fall down,” he says. It’s that mentality that inspires The Landscape Partners’ mission to deliver great quality,... read more

Focusing on character and process

September 3, 2014By

I’m watching a transformation happen in a client’s business. It’s exciting to see. We started this phenomenon with a simple decision to invest in training our staff and weeding out the people on the team with poor character. It sounds simple, but all too often it’s overlooked due to time constraints, bad hiring practices, tight purse strings or a sheer... read more

Managing seasonal labor transitions

September 3, 2014By

  Labor is, as we all know, the single largest cost on a maintenance company’s financial statement.  With that in mind, it’s imperative to implement good management strategies for reducing labor. There are two labor transition cycles for a warm-season company and three for a cool-season company. To keep it simple, a warm-season company’s two seasons of transition are spring... read more

Volunteers return to Arlington National Cemetery

September 3, 2014By

The Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) hosted its 18th annual Renewal & Remembrance event July 28 at Arlington National Cemetery. The beautification effort drew hundreds of landscape industry volunteers from around the U.S. for a day to apply lime and gypsum, aerate, plant and do tree and irrigation work to roughly 180 acres of the cemetery’s grounds. U.S. Army Captain Andy Jenks,... read more

Responding to the customers’ voice

September 2, 2014By

Have you asked your customers what they want lately? “We don’t need to do that,” you might say. “We’ve been at this for a long time, so we already know. Our customers want…” Whatever your impressions are about what your clients want, are you sure they’re not just that—merely impressions? When was the last time you validated or challenged those... read more