September 2016

Big Picture: Coastal vibes in the Midwest

October 17, 2016By
Architectural Photography by Trevor Boyle Studio

Location: Central Ohio Company: Hidden Creek Landscaping, Hilliard, Ohio Photo credit: Architectural Photography by Trevor Boyle Studio Having relocated from California, the client wanted to create an oasis in Ohio that reminded her of home. This meant creating a large outdoor living space that included a pool, spa, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, and a variety of seating and dining areas.... read more

Q4: Crunch time or time to relax?

October 14, 2016By
Photo: ©ürgen François

Sports fans know the fourth quarter is crunch time. With the game on the line and time running out, things get really interesting. The greatest and most memorable plays occur in the fourth quarter—often to win the game. In many games, the first three quarters almost feel like a scrimmage, with both teams playing it safe and waiting until it’s... read more

Operating Cost Survey: Terms to know

October 12, 2016By

Use the following definitions to understand the data presented in this report. Ratio: A ratio is the relationship of two quantities expressed as the quotient of one divided by the other. For example, if there are 10 people, six who have blue shirts and four who have red shirts, the ratio of blue shirts to the population would be six-tenths... read more

Efficiency Tip: Shortening the workweek

October 10, 2016By
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To quell unproductive Fridays, Outback Landscape, a $2.5 million mostly design/build company in Idaho Falls, Idaho, went to a four-day workweek for its production staff. “A lot of times that five hours on Friday afternoon was fluff,” says Operations Manager Tyler Washburn. “Now, guys push themselves to have the job done by Thursday night so they don’t have to come... read more

Operating Cost Survey: How you stack up

October 5, 2016By

Use Operating Cost Study data and ratios to make informed business decisions Editor’s Note/Methodology This article is an excerpt from the “Operating Cost Study for the Landscape Industry,” conducted and prepared by Dan Gordon, a certified public accountant and managing member of Turfbooks. It’s brought to you by LM and the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). Information for the... read more

Step by Step: How to safely mow a slope

October 3, 2016By
illustrations: David Preiss

Mowing on a slope is a dangerous but often necessary part of the job. The loss of traction and stability adds a level of risk for the operator as well as extra strain on the machine. While safety should always be a top priority when operating a mower, extra precautions should be taken when mowing on a slope. When purchasing... read more