September 2022

LM Gallery: September 2022

September 29, 2022By
Photo: LM Staff

Take a look at some of the faces met from a few of the places where the Landscape Management team made its rounds recently. read more

The do’s and don’ts for winterizing irrigation systems

September 28, 2022By
Experts say to avoid auto- draining irrigation systems during winterization. (Photo: Site One Landscape Supply)

Some experts share their best tips and practices to ensure a successful irrigation system blowout and winterization this fall. read more

6 things to know about the new Equip Expo

September 28, 2022By
Companies looking to exhibit at Equip Expo better get in line for 2023. Organizers say the show was sold out of booth space by mid-August. (Photo: Chris Higdon)

The old GIE+EXPO is back in Louisville this year but now known as Equip Exposition. What does the new name bring to the old show? read more

Best practices to keep spray rigs and tanks clean

September 28, 2022By
Regular cleaning of your spray rig is the best way to keep it operating smoothly, according to experts. (Photo: Tyler Hollenbeck)

Lawn care operators share their best cleaning tips for spray rigs and their best practices for keeping them in top-notch condition. read more

Tips to make sure your aerators operate at peak performance

September 27, 2022By
Experts say simple preventative maintenance can help avoid many aerator operating hurdles. (Photo: SiteOne Landscape Supply)

Experts share how to keep aerators at peak performance and avoid common pitfalls to make sure the equipment is good to go in the fall. read more

Comfort is king with next generation of zero-turn mowers

September 27, 2022By
As zero-turn manufacturers develop new mowers, a key focus is on ways to increase rider comfort and ramp up work efficiency. (Photo: Grasshopper)

Zero-turn mower manufacturers say increased comfort and greater efficiency are the most in-demand features for landscaping professionals. read more