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Assemble the right team

November 30, 2015By

Business owners are in charge of getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats. The business plan provides the destination and direction. But before owners commit to a budget, they need to make certain they have the right people. Too many owners and managers avoid the uncomfortable work of assessing and addressing an employee’s poor fit... read more

Lawns Ltd.: Driven to serve

November 12, 2015By
photo: Lawns Ltd.

Compassion makes the difference at Lisa Torgersen’s Texas landscape firm. One of the first questions Lisa Torgersen asks a new client is, “Do you have a dog?” If the answer is yes, the owner of Lawns Ltd. in Waco, Texas, and her crews are sure to design an outdoor space that will suit both the clients and their pet, creating... read more

Adhere to a budget

November 10, 2015By

How do you keep score in your business? How do you know if you’re winning or losing? Is it money in the bank? Profits? Growth? It’s all of that. Budgeting is key to your operational and financial plan, but how do you formulate a common-sense budget that’s useful and simple to understand and prepare? Start by understanding your vision. Knowing... read more

Organize production chaos

November 2, 2015By

I started my career in the green industry working summer jobs at landscape companies. After college, I threw out a hard-earned biology degree and entered the landscape business full time. During the early years, I learned and mastered all the field-level skills that helped me become a great landscape technician. Eventually, I started my own business and quickly realized my... read more

Determine your company’s worth

October 28, 2015By

As the year closes, it’s important to understand the value of your business. Agreeing on your company’s value will make or break a potential merger or acquisition transaction. Ultimately, a company is worth only what someone is willing to pay for it. There are four key elements that impact every valuation: the buyer, cash flow, risk and you. The buyer... read more

Evaluate performance properly

October 27, 2015By

In the fourth quarter of this fiscal year, landscape contractors must plan for 2016 and critically evaluate their success in 2015. This planning and evaluating goes beyond the balance sheet. Contractors need to break out of the pattern of creating a plan, letting things happen, reviewing what happened at year’s end and hoping for improvement next year. Meaningful and measurable... read more