Big Picture: A walk in the park

November 9, 2016By
Photo credit: Dean Davis, James Richman, John D. Moore, Isaacson Aerial Photography and Kathy Swehla

Location: Huntington Park, Spokane, Wash. Company: Land Expressions Photo credit: Dean Davis, James Richman, John D. Moore, Isaacson Aerial Photography and Kathy Swehla Avista Utilities tapped Land Expressions to refresh the Huntington Park area in Spokane and add a plaza. The plaza is on city land, and city officials sacrificed their parking lot for the space. The utility company owns... read more

5 AdWords mistakes to avoid

October 31, 2016By
Photo: ©istock.com/inbj

Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.” This quote by legendary basketball coach John Wooden is one to apply to your marketing and advertising efforts. Mistakes are common with the constant changes in digital advertising and, frankly, they’re expected. However, if you don’t learn from those mistakes and optimize your efforts, you may be throwing money away. After... read more

Be a digital recruiting success

October 28, 2016By
Photo: ©istock.com/cigdemhizal

Effective digital recruiting requires captivating storytelling. If you could have five minutes of your dream candidate’s attention, what would you say to dazzle him? Imagine what your ideal candidate would like to hear. Desperate companies tend to throw everything they can offer into the conversation, hoping to get lucky. This is like trying to marry someone right after a first... read more

Incentivize correctly

October 17, 2016By

Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of profit sharing. Incentive programs are always among the most engaging topics in business management workshops. Every owner or manager sits up straighter and leans in closer to hear how other contractors implement incentives for better productivity and efficiency. And while there’s no perfect system, there are many systems better than no... read more

Don’t hire the best applicants, hire the best employees

October 17, 2016By

Before I make a presentation, I survey the attendees to find out their challenges when it comes to recruiting, interviewing, selecting and retaining employees. This year, the three biggest challenges reported across all industries are: Not enough qualified applicants; The ability to identify the applicants with the highest potential of becoming stars; and Keeping stars motivated and engaged. When asked... read more

Focusing on client retention

October 17, 2016By
Photo: Boreal Property Management

How a Wyoming company builds a community among second-home clients. Experts say attracting a new customer costs a company five times more than retaining an existing one. With this in mind, the owners of Boreal Property Management, a full-service property care company in Jackson, Wyo., have put an emphasis on client retention. By hosting an annual neighborhood cocktail party, the... read more