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Get in early: the lowdown on early order programs

October 16, 2018By
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Lawn care operators share five considerations for participating in early order programs. About five years ago, Brian Wiese began taking advantage of the early order program offered by his fertilizer supplier. Each December, Wiese, the turf division manager for SunCo in Omaha, Neb., preorders enough fertilizer for rounds one and two at a discounted rate and with delayed payment terms.... read more

Efficiency Tip: Survey says

October 16, 2018By
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Within a few years of founding Stickle Lawn Care in 2012, owner Cody Stickle realized he couldn’t be everywhere at once. That was when the Hampton, Va., company incorporated a client satisfaction software system called Quality Driven Software (QDS) into its operations. “Being that we’re continually growing, I’m not able to go out and look over every single client’s yard,”... read more

5 marketing tricks, treats

October 16, 2018By

I’m often tasked with putting together integrated marketing communication plans that encompass several platforms across a variety of media. Growing up in the green industry has given me a lot of experience with different platforms. I’ve learned some marketing and advertising endeavors are “tricks” and several platforms can be “treats.” Tricks 1. Home service websites. The good thing about these... read more

How to hire winning hourly employees

October 16, 2018By
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Few people understand the daily pressures faced by landscape management business owners and managers. And fewer still realize that it’s people—both clients and employees—who are usually the source of these stresses. A mower may malfunction, but you can fix it and count on it to be there every day and on time, too. The handheld trimmer or brushcutter may be... read more

Step by Step: How to manage shady lawn areas

October 16, 2018By
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While shade trees are an important and prominent feature in many landscapes, they can be very competitive with turf, causing problems that can lead to the turf’s decline. Trees compete with grasses for light, water and nutrients. Additionally, air flow under trees is usually restricted, increasing humidity and disease pressure. In response, the turfgrass stand density decreases as turfgrass plants... read more

Editorial Advisory Board: October 2018

October 16, 2018By

What’s the best way for the average company to improve competitiveness against low-ballers and large, national companies? Landscape Professionals Richard Bare Arbor-Nomics Turf Norcross, Ga. “Be better than anyone else in the industry, and the word will spread!” Jerry McKay McKay Landscape Lighting Omaha, Neb. “Know your competition and differentiate yourself to stand out as the high-quality provider.” Industry Consultants... read more